About us

Company profile

  • CT International was part of the business-group ”Process Building Technic” (PBT), that for over twenty years operated in the international food equipment industry.
  • In CT International and PBT we relied for a very long time on a close business cooperation and collaboration with Carnitech, a company that despite the excellence of its products ceased operations completely in 2013. CT International carries forward the expertise developed in that collaboration as well as within Carnitech. Our core values regarding engineering, design and business-ethics are solidly built on the example provided by the former Carnitech.
  • In July 2015 CT International A/S was spun off as a fully independent company. Our focus is the design, development and production of stand-alone machines, and also full lines for selected sections of the process, primarily for the land based industry of fish and shellfish.
  • Today is CT International a growing player in the international food processing equipment industry. With standalone machines and complete lines installed onshore and offshore through out the world.


Our current product range:

  • Complete high yield steam cooking line.
  • Complete IQF freezing lines. In various executions.
  • On- and offshore installations.
  • We supply above mentioned both as stand alone equipment as well as fully integrated cooking and freezing processing lines

CT international’s mission is:

To increase the value added potential for the food processing industry worldwide by design and engineering of high-specifications processing equipment”

A mission that is based on many years of experience in the food industry worldwide.